Certification of Training

All the courses and training we do at TSL are certified by us. Anyone who has been trained and reached a certain level of proficiency in a skill is entitled to a badge that expresses that achievement. We don’t give these badges out willy-nilly, you really have to earn these, and because of that TSL stand by the skills and the certification so that you and potential employers know that the badge is a thing worth having.

How do I use a badge?

On a practical level, the badge can be displayed via web links in your CV or on your home page or even downloaded to your computer for insertion into your paper CV. Easy! Your Backpack will let you organise badges into collections for presentation too.

How do I get one?

To start collecting, you’ll need a virtual Backpack in which to store and organise your badges. Here’s the link for that: Mozilla Backpack.

Once you’ve done training, we’ll issue these, or if you think you’ve earned the skills in another way and are entitled to a badge (basically if you can fulfil the requirements for a badge on the pages listed below) we can assess you and if we’re satisfied we’ll issue the badge.

What are they for? What are they worth?

Badges and the skills they represent are categorised below. Each badge has its own page that describes the skill that we’re certifying with the badge. Employers and anyone with a view of your badge will be able to follow the links in the badge back to this page to see what you can do!


The badges come in different categories, click through to see the skills shown by each one.


Command Line

Data Analysis


Open Science